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EBG innolab GmbH – our innovation laboratory

To manage the daily business with full commitment and not to lose sight of the future at the same time is difficult. That’s why we at EBG group have founded our own unit for development and innovation: EBG innolab GmbH is the innovation laboratory of our medium-sized group of companies EBG group GmbH, whose expertise lies in the field of electrical engineering and plastics processing. The focus is centered on future-oriented technologies such as AI, robotics and automation in manufacturing. At EBG innolab, we want to think about tomorrow today: detached from day-to-day business, EBG innolab can focus on the development of products, processes and innovations.

For new solutions to implement the smart grid, EBG innolab relies on strong partners, such as the Technical University of Dortmund. At the beginning of December, EBG innolab, together with  PHYSEC GmbH, will attend FNN Kongress Netze (https://lnkd.in/dgzWD8E) in Berlin to help shape the energy transition in low-voltage grids.

Three of our future-oriented innovators are Hans-Dieter Dr. StorzerSimon Brose and Gerhard Grosse-Holz. Here they give a little insight into their thoughts on the new EBG innolab:

Hans-Dieter Dr. Storzer, CTO EBG group

“A family-run, traditional company like EBG is taking a rather unusual approach: We are bundling creativity, innovation, and the necessary competencies centrally in one company. Our employees have the freedom to think and act. There has never been a lack of ideas, only a lack of opportunities to realize them. Now we have created the capacities to always keep our finger on the pulse of the market in close cooperation with our customers and partners.”

Simon Brose, Head of Development

“Day-to-day business always cannibalizes the development business. As a company, you need courage, stamina and the appropriate resources to detach development from day-to-day business in the way EBG has done with its EBG innolab. Based on this way of working, high-quality products and optimal processes can be developed. I was convinced by this approach – as a developer, you don’t get an opportunity like this every day.”

Gerhard Grosse-Holz, Smart Grid Team Leader

“The energy transition poses enormous challenges for power grid operators, especially when many photovoltaic systems or charging points for electric vehicles have to be connected to the power grid. For the modernization and expansion of these grids, we use practical measurement and control technology that is specially adapted to the needs of grid operation, particularly in terms of ease of installation, robustness and service life. EBG innolab bundles the new and further development of this portfolio, taking into account customer wishes and market requirements, thus consolidating our position as a technology supplier for low-voltage networks.”

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